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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brand-new Arena: Kelantan for SUKMA 2012...?

Posted on 2:50 PM by The Kelantan Times

Citing concerning long-awaited final showdown on yesterday for

unforgiving defeat to Negri Sembilan, I was called to bring about

factor contributing Kelantan to become giant killer in Malaysia

League this season were their passionate and fanatic fans attend-

ing matches and money-no-problem management. Apart from

fans factors, the fully-loaded of Sultan Muhammad-IV Stadium

in every match triggering dissatisfaction among fanatics fans

regarding conditions and comfort dwelling at this stadium. So,

in order to fulfill fanatics fans' hopes, the state government

obtain some initiatives to build a sport arena pertaining brand-

new stadium with high capacity to accommodate thousands

of fans parallel with the development of Kelantan football in

Malaysia League. But, my views was that, apart from develop-

ment of the brand-new sport arena, what will Kelantanese

deeply want to see outside the complex box..? Is that SUKMA?

For me, I definitely say YES! This is the exact time for Kelantan

to organize SUKMA that we never host before, considering for

factors must exist in organizing SUKMA was that with the brand

-new sport facility and right to organize as a state in Peninsular

Malaysia. SUKMA 2010 as all known belongs to Malacca for

hosting most prestigious games tournament in Malaysia, SUKMA

Games (Boone) after Terengganu passed it baton last 2008. The

Boone history begun on 1986 when Kuala Lumpur was first

hosting this tournament that has been producing many athletes

to the country.
Apart from that, on research that I had done

shown from it was first introduced in the year 1986, Kelantan

never offering for bidding to host Boone Games because of sport

capacity not achieving the standard to organize big events such

as Boone, where the past host were the established-state with

strong financial power that able to build sport complex the like

of Kuala Lumpur (1986 & 1988), Sarawak (1990), Johor (1992),

Perak (1994), Pahang (1996), Selangor (1998), Penang (2000),

Sabah (2002), Negri Sembilan (2004), Kedah (2006), Terengganu

(2008) and newly-crown host Malacca (2010).

For records, Kelantan and Perlis respectively never hosting

this Boone Games because of state governments' requirement

to host the Boone depending on the financial budget to built

standardized sports complex. In retrospective of Kelantan,

for years, has produces a numbers of national-level athletes

and young talents in every gaming profession. But, sadly we

never create some initiative in organizing this multi-sport

competition because the lack of first class sports amenities

and facilities. Perhaps, by completing new standardized

sport complex in new-developed area in Tunjung on 2012

make it worthy by organizing this SUKMA Games on 2012 as

a new-host. The new sport complex consisting of indoor and

outdoor arena, except aquatic center for swimming and

synchronize diving. I hopes that OneMalaysia could

understand this restriction...

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