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Saturday, November 14, 2009

GMS Fiasco: The Catalyst of Demo Tradition...!

Posted on 1:23 PM by The Kelantan Times

If you dwelling in private college or higher level institution, the

clear philosophy that interprets behind the circumstances was

absolutely the Argent (Spanish), Dinero (French) or in English,

CASH.! This was the main problems faced by students who, they

accept or not, lacking in terms of their funding in addition to

those who came from low-income backgrounds. This posts was

published in order to fulfill my campus-mates' requests on last

week's uproar-mode in UNISAS-to-be by reasons of malicious-

rally by 'lack of maturity' students. To make things worse, this

hour-long rally was getting 'promo' by TV3 and others daily

tabloid newspaper that eventually tarnishing the long-standing

SIIUC's fine names. Since I don't well-acknowledged the actual

facts and crisis behind this rally, I comfort to play as mediator

and just wants to give simple explanation and enlighten

the actual dilemma and circumstances struck all-SIIUC citizen.

The chronology started three or four days before the day that

were given shameful-publicity by TV3.

As a professional thinkers, we should come right down to earth

that, the goals do not justify the means. What the critical issues

it was, the first thing that we need to look as a whole was the

attitude and demeanor some of dubbed as pious student and

not extremely if cited as Dean's Scorers. They using UM's old-

fashioned modus operandi by forming a movement what they

tag as Students' Aware Movement in order to fulfill their 'day-

dreaming' goals to overcome the hiking of fees. Their show-

quality action apparently subversion Students Representative

Council (SRC's) power as the students 'official' voice as they

(that movement) deemed SRC as 'nothing' whereas the (SRC)

was the attested body by SIIUC to represent the student.

Definitely, their (the movement) goals absolutely all students'

goals.. That it, Downgrade the semi-annually fees, entirely all

students' hopes. We appreciated their effort and not mocking

over their endeavor to help others student, But as my lecturers

quoted as saying, their approach was obsolete and mature-less.

This is not our ways of doing so despite all-SIIUC citizen criticize

over money-oriented management.

If they have professionalism attitude, they (the movement) needs

to shift into Plan B if they are 'well-concern' about those who not

officially involves in their 'scapegoating' project. In retrospect,

the opportunity cost for this too-early and inane rally were that

the cancellation of internship programs for those post-graduate

students and graduate-to-be student hailed from SIIUC. The

climates of all occurrence was the victimization from their less

ripen-action was that the SIIUC's students had been subject of

mind-stereotype from all over the higher level institutions as a

consequences of malicious rally. I tend to be a mediator rather

than either for or against the movement since majority of my

former 'mosque-mates' was behind the scene of that turbulence

underground movement. They all still my friends and will be

my friends immortally, but why not they taking a little bit of

initiative and sacrificial by hearing others academic-criticism

in order to protect the interest of both parties. Our (SIIUC

citizen) dreams to achieve full-fledged university status next

year will stunted if there were no win-win situation from

both parties.

Back to the factual issues, I didn't solely blaming that movement

of their silly-enthusiasm job but we need to thinks positive-way

alternative that is suit and better rather than practicing 'picket'.

This can be done by bilateral-consensus through sitting on round

-table from both parties either from management or student's

side to pursue what should be bring forward and not that orient-

ing haste-selfish actions. My whimsical and maybe others too,

particularly SIIUC citizen totally agrees with their (the move-

ment's) goals to reduce the fees but in contrast we adamantly

oppose their immaturity and irresponsibility demeanor that

eventually making others discomfort and dishearten. For me,

on my prophecy, the movement have a little bit influenced or

'infected' form current national political-social environment

that raised the spirit to became 'hero' of all others by holding

nowhere-goals, that needs to be corrected. My advice to those

who blatantly defends their actions, you're 'welcome' to contest

in the next campus elections to 'feels' the SRC-environments.

I'm sorry if I has displease others but sometimes we needs to

trade off our interest to make a change.

Good Brains bring about Good Gains...!

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